Elisabeth Lecuyer Paris Business Angels PBA

" We strive to create an environment where cutting-edge entrepreneurs receive serious consideration and Angels utilize their substantial skills  and values to help high innovative companies succeed" 

With +150 investor members and active mentors, Paris Business Angels is one of the leading networks of Business Angels in France. Our goal is to connect bold entrepreneurs with relevant knowledge in order to build high-growth businesses that would drive the next economy of "Startup Nation". 


Group of former and current high-tech executives, we invest between €200k and €2M in seed and early stage businesses, primarily located in France.


Although the network is generalist, half of our investments are related to digital and 3/4 concern technology companies in the broad sense.

Financial results 2020

€13,5M raised in total!

Despite an unprecedented economic context in 2020, we are proud to have financed 9 startups which have raised a total of more than 13.5 million euros.


These figures testify to the resilience of the French startup ecosystem and make Paris Business Angels one of the most active networks of Business Angels in seed stage!

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